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5 Things You Need to Know Today: Jan. 31
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1. Eat a Banana to Honor Ham!: On this day in 1961 Ham the Chimp became the first hominid launched into outer space.

2. There’s An App for That, but You Won't Use It: Consumers ignore most apps on their smartphones. Of smartphone owners, 68% open only five or fewer apps at least once a week, finds a survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project.

3. Contacts Lenses Don’t Discriminate: An elephant in Amsterdam's zoo has made history after being fitted with a jumbo-sized contact lens following an eye injury, a statement said Monday.

4. Cellphones, the New Loo Entertainment of Choice: A new study shows an astonishing number of people are using their cellphones on the john. From web browsing and texting to conference calls and online shopping, it seems this technology-driven world leaves no time for bathroom breaks.

5. Do You Control the Purse Strings? The Purse Could Get Heavier: Sens. Tom Harkin (D., Iowa), John McCain (R., Ariz.) and two colleagues Tuesday are introducing legislation that would kill off the dollar bill in favor of dollar coins, touting the move as a way to cut costs over the long run.

News, Style, Weird

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