Florida Turns Down Millions in Federal Aid; Accepts Abstinence Only Sex-Ed Money | News

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Florida Turns Down Millions in Federal Aid; Accepts Abstinence Only Sex-Ed Money

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- After turning down millions of federal dollars for Florida related to the Afforadable Health Care Act, Governor Rick Scott and the Legislature have finally decided to accept one.

The state is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Federal Government, calling the Affordable Health Care Act unconstitutional, so they have argued they don't want any money from them.

But now they've accepted a $2.5 million grant for abstinence only sex education, and some health care advocates are calling the move inconsistent.

"I think that it's sad that our Governor is going to accept money for a program that is proven not to work," said Northeast Planned Parenthood CEO Staci Fox.










According to the Duval County Health department, more than 50% of teens in the area are sexually active, and Fox argues abstinence only sex education is doing nothing to help them.

"At best it delays sexually activity, but the problem then becomes when the teens or young adults decide to have sex they don't know how to prevent pregnancy, or STD's," she said.

So now, she's asking why the state opted to accept this specific grant.

"The Governor's Office as well as our entire legislature has said they will do anything having to do with Health Care and the Affordable Health Care Act and that's where this money is coming from- so why this stream of money," she asked.

The Governor's Press Secretary said that the grant is linked to a program established before the national act, which is why they decided to accept the funding- but the Governor reiterated his stance on the Act as a whole today.

"I am very confident it's unconstitutional, and that's what will happen, the Supreme Court will eventually declare it unconstitutional," said Governor Rick Scott.

 In the short term, that means the administration and the legislature will continue to turn down federal dollars related to health care.

According to Governor Scott's office that list so far includes $4.5 million in grants they've returned, and 11.9 million they have not persued.

Some of the programs were aimed at stopping child abuse, helping pregnant teens, and transitioning seniors to home health care.

"I think Governor Scott is making some very unhealthy decisions for Florida in general," said Fox.

But Governor Scott thinks the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act will go all the way to the Supreme Court, and until they rule, he says they won't be accepting federal dollars.











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