Back-to-School Sales Show Up Extra Early at Some Retailers

Back-to-School Sales Show Up Extra Early at Some Retailers

Back to school already?

Some anxious retailers are jumping the gun to get shoppers' attention extra early. With good reason: Last year consumers spent more than $55 billion on back-to-school shopping, the National Retail Federation says. Many retailers are still nervous about consumer spending in a topsy-turvy economy.

That's one reason why Toys R Us' "Pack to School" sale on backpacks and lunchboxes started as early as July 1 in some parts of the country.


New Daily Deal Web Site Coming to the First Coast

First Coast News is launching a brand new daily deal Web site called DealChicken

Here’s how DealChicken works: Consumers sign up to receive future daily deals by visiting www.dealchicken.com. The deals are sent to consumers’ e-mail addresses.

Once the site launches, you’ll get one amazing deal delivered to your inbox per day. These will range from excellent deals on food at some of your favorite restaurants, to massive discounts on a round of golf, tanning, etc.

BJ's Free 60-Day Trial Membership Through July 5

Just in time for the July fourth long holiday weekend! BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a Free 60-Day Trial Membership which can be activated until next Tuesday, July 5th.  The risk-free, trial membership includes full member benefits including savings and no surcharge. 

BJ’s Wholesale Club is the only warehouse club to accept manufacturers’ coupons from newspapers and online. In addition to accepting manufacturers’ coupons, BJ’s also issues its own coupons—a huge incentive to becoming a member.

Stormwater Low-Income Exemption Applications

Jacksonville property owners are reminded that low-income exemption applications for the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility (JSU) must be submitted before the July 31, 2011 deadline.  To qualify, a property owner must demonstrate that his or her household has an income level to qualify for assistance. By law, the income threshold for eligibility is 150 percent or less of the current year’s federal poverty level, as determined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Wildfire Danger: How Can Parents Help Calm Their Children?

Wildfire Danger: How Can Parents Help Calm Their Children?

Massive wildfires continue to rage throughout Northeast Florida.  The chance of potential evacuations remains high.  Many children are seeing television or newspaper reports about the risk of wildfires. Because of these factors, the Florida Department of Children and Families is issuing expert tips from Child Guidance Center to help parents address their children’s concerns.

Five Ideas for the Family Grill-master

Five Ideas for the Family Grill-master

Call it the Father's Day predicament. We want to honor the fathers in our lives. But on a nice June weekend, we often want to celebrate with a cookout, so Dad ends up manning the grill and cooking his own dinner. Is that fair? Perhaps not. But here are five ways to sweeten the deal and lighten the load for the hard-working grill-master at your house:

1. Double down.

Just because your dad has a grill doesn't mean he doesn't want, even need, another. "Consider making him a multiple grill owner," suggests Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible and several other books on grilling. If he has a gas grill (about 70% of U.S. grill owners do), consider giving him a charcoal grill. Along with the added cooking surface, Raichlen says, you'll get a better smoker than you get on any gas model. You'll also be giving Dad the not-to-be-underestimated gift of literally playing with fire.

Miracle Children Bring Extra Thanks to Local Publix Store

Miracle Children Bring Extra Thanks to Local Publix Store

Jennifer and Dave Edwards are proud parents of 2 healthy twin boys, Jack and Luke.  At 16 weeks into their pregnancy, doctors told the parents-to-be that one of their babies had no amniotic fluid and to prepare for the worst. At just 19 weeks, Jennifer started having contractions and was immediately admitted into the hospital.  She made it to 32 weeks and delivered the two boys at Wolfson Children’s Hospital on September 7, 2007. Jack and Luke each weighed a little over 2 lbs. and were able to go home after 8 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).The boys were transported and treated with equipment that was purchased by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, with funds raised by their corporate sponsors such as Publix.