Over Resident Protests, New Landfill Approved for the Westside | Environment

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Over Resident Protests, New Landfill Approved for the Westside
Over Resident Protests, New Landfill Approved for the Westside

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The traffic, the noise, the smell.

A lot of different reasons why Westside neighbors don't want a new landfill in their neighborhood. 

"I've lived there for 15 years. I don't want it. I don't know who in their right mind, just like I said in there, would want a landfill near their house," said Otis Road resident James Diamatta.

He was one of dozens of people in the neighborhood to speak out against the landfill, which he said will decrease his property value, and hurt the environment.

"Who wants to hear 60 dump trucks a day? On top of the traffic, on top of the fact I gotta work at night, it just don't add up," said Diamatta. 

The Council listened to more than an hour of public comment on the bill, which got heated a number of times.

"We don't need no landfill. We got kids and families walking out there right now. We tried to negotiate and talk real nice," said another resident.

But developer JB Coxman, and his attorneys answered the critics, blaming the opposition on a smear campaign by one of their competitors.

"I think most of the opposition came from misinformation that was provided by someone. And I hope most of those people got answers to their questions tonight," said Attorney Paul Harden.

Even after the city council approved the bill, residents stayed in the chambers to express their disappointment over the landfill. Coxman tried to assure them that their concerns over pollution, traffic, and home value were unfounded.

"I promise you that none of these fears that people have are going to come true," said Coxman.

They still have to obtain a number of permits before they begin construction, though they said they want the landfill ready for next hurricane season.

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