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Mother Fears for Daughter's Safety After Alleged Classroom Attack

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A mother of a young student at First Coast High School says she's scared to send her daughter back to school after an alleged attack inside a classroom.

"Where's the security when the boy walked in the classroom? Where's the security when we send our kids to school," asked Deborah Bright.

She says she's terrified to send her 15-year-old daughter back to school after an alleged attack by her ex-boyfriend.

Though she fears it could have been much worse.

"How would you have called to explain it to me if you had said I need you to come identify your child's body," she said.  

Bright tears up as her daughter describes what she says the boy did to her.

"He comes and grabs my hair, he pulls me back, and I stumbled, I almost fell, but I caught myself," said Jamecia Hammock.

She says it started in the hallway. Then she says the 16-year-old student followed her in to her classroom, and threw her books on the floor.

"He pushed me again, it was more forced, he looked like he was going to punch me," she said.

Bright says the boy's punishment, and the school's explanation of the incident when she first picked her daughter up from school was insufficient.

"She said, well, I contacted his parents and he got one day in school suspension. I said ma'am, immediately, that's not good enough," said Bright.

Duval County School Spokeswoman Jill Johnson says the district does not comment on specific punishments for students.


The Vice Principal of First Coast High called Bright when First Coast News was at her home, assuring her the school was committed to resolving the problem.

Bright told the Vice Principal she was scared for her daughter's safety.

The school did not release the name of the young boy, so his family could not be reached for comment.

Bright says she will meet with his parents and the Principal on Wednesday. 













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