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Get to Know the “Five P’s” of Cold Weather Safety
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Florida Division of Emergency Management officials are again urging all residents and visitors throughout Florida to prepare for temperatures near or below the freezing mark tonight through Wednesday morning. The National Weather Service has issued a Hard Freeze Warning for all of North and Central Florida, and also for Glades, Hendry and Palm Beach counties.  A Freeze Warning has also been issued for the rest of South Florida. The entire state is under either a Wind Chill Advisory or Warning, depending on the location.
According to Division of Emergency Management Director David Halstead. “It is vital that all residents and visitors remember the “Five P’s” of cold weather safety: Protect People, Protect Plants, Protect Pets, Protect Exposed Pipes, and Practice Fire Safety.”
Wind Chill Advisories or Warnings mean the combination of very cold air and strong winds will make temperatures feel colder than they actually are. Hard Freeze Warnings and Freeze Warnings are issued when sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely for a prolonged period of time. These conditions can kill crops and other sensitive vegetation. Young children, the elderly and the homeless are especially vulnerable to the cold so take measures to protect them. Exposed water pipes need to have adequate protection from the cold temperatures.
Combined low temperatures and wind chills will be low enough to meet shelter opening criteria in North, Central and South Florida tonight and continuing through Wednesday morning. Overall, dangerous temperatures and wind chill values will affect the entire state tonight and tomorrow. If residents must venture outdoors, make sure to take all precautions necessary to protect yourself and your family.  
The following actions are important safety measures:

  • Stay indoors and use safe heating sources.
  • Be aware of the fire danger from space heaters and candles. Keep such devices away from all flammable materials such as curtains and furniture, and install recommended smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.                                                      
  • Indoors: Do not use charcoal or other fuel-burning devices, such as grills that produce carbon monoxide. Install at least one carbon monoxide detector per floor in your home.
  • Outdoors: Stay dry and in wind-protected areas.
  • Wear multiple layers of loose-fitting, warm clothing.
  • Drink non-alcoholic fluids.
  • Shelter or bring inside animals, especially pets.

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Environment, Health, News

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