Lewis Turner
Reporter, Meteorologist FCN

The man in the picture with me is Dallas. 

He prefers you call him Captain Dallas, though I did not look over his credentials or cross check them against a United States Coast Guard database.

I really should have, considering the day of fishing he provided for my father and me.

However, I still love the guy because he had a great sense of humor. Plus, he's just part of one of the many great memories and experiences I've had here in Florida.

I live in Mandarin... that's why I'm in this section of the mycommunity area. I'm also a meteorologist and reporter for First Coast News. 

I moved here from another gorgeous state, South Carolina... fishing is great there too, at least that's what they tell me.

I am a horrible fisherman, never been good... never had much luck I guess, though I try to go as much as possible.

When my wife Annie and I go fishing, we usually spend a half hour fishing and the rest of the time piddling around in the boat, more or less sightseeing in the creek.

There you go. That's pretty much my story. Any other questions, just ask.


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I like the head scratcher, watercooler talkers... don't have to be funny... just interesting. Everyone has a story to tell... I'd love to hear yours.

Just email me: lewisturner@firstcoastnews.com