Video from Storm Yesterday Afternoon

Community member, Eric Singer emailed us this video taken yesterday afternoon during the storm.

Smoky Conditions Make Jacksonville Air 'Unhealthy' for Some | SLIDESHOW

Smoky Conditions Make Jacksonville Air 'Unhealthy' for Some | SLIDESHOW

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Winds have once again brought smoke from fires in southeastern Georgia over the First Coast, leaving Jacksonville's air "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups."

That's the designation given to the local air quality from the federal government.

The City of Jacksonville late this morning issued an air quality advisory.


Meteorologist Steve Smith said today will likely be a repeat of Tuesday, when the sea breeze clears the air this afternoon.

That same sea breeze, however, is leading Flagler County to declare a smoke advisory, also a repeat of Tuesday.

The smoke was so thick that pilots using the Flagler County Airport were forced to use instruments.

Firestorm 2011 has a smoky choke-hold on area but relief on the way in the short and long-term!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yes, it certainly was like a never-ending severe weather cut-in during last night's weather casts. I showed one plume of smoke after another and at one point a dozen new wildfires were being tracked per hour on live doppler radar. I have never seen anything like it. I have been tracking weather all over the country for about 20 years at different media outlets and on my own since I was 4 years old drawing weather maps. I usually love weather extremes but I have put fires and smoke on the list with ice storms as my least favorite weather to track and forecast. The main thing yesterday like every day is keeping people safe and sticking to the basics. I got word out on the wind direction that may threaten neighborhoods. Luckily there were no big wind shifts and evacuations were minimal. Good for people, but bad for our lungs as the air quality went into the unhealthy range for sensitive groups.

Tips for Staying Cool

Tips for Staying Cool

As the temperature creeps close to 100 degrees, our ER doctors want to remind the public to stay safe.

“Hot weather illnesses can creep up on you,” says Memorial Hospital’s Dr. Steven Blake. “You have to drink a lot of water and realize that you can get a heat-related illness during any time of the day when it is this hot.”

Even Monday's Rain Can't Squelch Raging Wildfires

Even Monday's Rain Can't Squelch Raging Wildfires

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Parts of the First Coast got some much-needed rain Monday, but the Division of Forestry said that even this wet weather hasn't been able to tame the wildfires raging in several counties.

According to DOF spokesperson Annaleasa Winter, the heaviest rain hit in areas, like Southside and Mandarin, that don't have any fires burning.

In fact, Winter said it's possible that lightning strikes from the storms coming though the area Monday may have started some new fires.

DOF investigators believe the lightning is to blame for fires along County Road 209 and near the Dee Dot Ranch on the Southside.

Florida Residents Encouraged To Include Pets In Family Disaster Plans

Florida Residents Encouraged To Include Pets In Family Disaster Plans

As a part of Florida Hurricane Preparedness Week, state emergency management officials are encouraging every pet owner in Florida to include their animals in their family disaster preparedness plan before the start of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season. By planning for the needs of your pets, it will greatly increase the chances of their survival during disasters.

Smoke from South Ga. Fire Spreading on the First Coast Again

Smoke from South Ga. Fire Spreading on the First Coast Again

FOLKSTON, Ga. -- If you've been up near Jacksonville International Airport you may have seen or smelled smoked that's coming from the fire that's burning in the Okefenokee Swamp.

The smoke is coming from a 10,000 acre controlled burn in the Swamp to keep the fire from spreading even further.

The latest numbers show that the fire is burning on more than 146,924 acres and now the Florida Division of Forestry has issued a low visibility warning for Nassau County residents, particularly those in Hilliard.

One of our viewers, Angie Daniel, uploaded this picture to our Facebook page saying the smoke is taking over Hilliard.
In face, Hilliard residents will be able to take part in a public meeting Friday night at 6:30 at the Hilliard Public Library.

Residents in MacClenny will have a similar meeting Thursday night at 6:30 at the Baker County Extension Office in MacClenny.