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Woman helps rescue Beryl's battered birds
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla-- Tropical Storm Beryl hit the First Coast before hurricane season even officially begun and that took some of its smallest victims by surprise.

As people are cleaning up the downed trees and tree limbs, they are finding injured birds and bird nests that were blown down during the storm.  Cindy Mosling runs an organization called BEAKS that takes in injured birds/abandoned baby birds. She says during the storm she got around 300 phone calls and took in 100 birds, the majority of which were babies.

Mosling has been running BEAKS for around 30 years and says this is one of the greatest influxes of birds she's ever seen after a storm because the storm was so early in the season.

"Usually they are flighted, they have their feathers and they are out and about.  These guys were still in the nest and that was what was so hurtful, because it really was an early storm," tells Mosling

If you find a baby bird and know the mother bird is still around, Mosling suggests using an Easter basket, put some cloth in it and hang it in the tree where it is shielded from the sun and rain. Then wait for the mother bird to begin taking care of the babies again.

Of course if the mother bird doesn't respond to the baby, or doesn't come back, you can take the bird to BEAKS.  It is located at 12084 Houston Avenue  Jacksonville, FL 32226.  BEAKS is run solely on donations so if you would like to donate you can mail in donations, make all checks out to BEAKS Inc.

Urban Wildlife

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