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Kalil McCoy's Mother Vows to Find Killer | SLIDESHOW

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The mother of a teenager found dead in a canal on the city's Eastside Tuesday is demanding justice as police continue to look for her daughter's killer.

Kalil McCoy's mother said her daughter was last seen at Kooker Park Sunday, hanging out with friends. McCoy made a phone call while still at the park, said Lynnette Roebuck, then about 20 minutes later, a dark car arrived, and she got in and disappeared.

McCoy's body was found in a canal in the woods next door to a day care owned by McCoy's cousin Tuesday evening, said Roebuck.

Her daughter had dreams of being a psychologist and had just graduated June 9 from Andrew Jackson High School, she said. She last spoke with her daughter about going to the nightclub, Plush.

"I told her to be safe. She said okay. She texted me back saying her ride came. The next thing I knew, I didn't hear from her."

McCoy did not show up for new job at Walgreen's Monday, said Roebuck, and when she still had not heard from her by Tuesday, Roebuck called police.

Roebuck wants justice for her daughter who, she said, had no enemies. "I'm a mother. I'm a vigilante mother and I'm going to find out what happened to my daughter," said Roebuck.


McCoy's uncle Mikhail Muhammad said the family had been hopeful it would have a happy ending. "We thought they were gonna find her," said Muhammad, who is also the leader of the New Black Panther party in Jacksonville. 

McCoy's cousin Jerica Major said her whole family had been looking for her cousin, and speculated that the person who killed McCoy must have been someone the family knew. "I can't believe this happened," said McCoy's cousin Jerica Major.

According to Major, she and her cousins had gone to the day care owned by a cousin, the Little Diamonds Big Hearts Day Care, when they were younger.

The suspect, Major guessed, must have known this and specifically chosen the day care as the place to leave McCoy's body.

Fred Israel, McCoy's great uncle, said his family is planning a vigil at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the day care.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has not released any details of the investigation, and has not yet confirmed the identity of the body.

Today, Roebuck said, she prays that her daughter's killer won't sleep or rest until he confesses.

Her message to him: "I pray for you. Will if forgive you? Yes. Do I want you to pay and suffer? Yes, I do."


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