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Stormy weather is time for an insurance checkup

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It only takes a few seconds for your home to become the target of a fallen tree. If you've never experienced it, the destruction can be devastating.

"I've only seen hail twice in my life," said Charmin Williams.

If it is not wind damage it could be hail damage. Williams' Baldwin home was pelted by hail. 

"It was pretty solid," she said. "Marble size, but no damage."

Storm damage can also result from rising water; so much rain it floods your home.

Having insurance will give you protection and help restore your loss, but make sure it is the right coverage or you will hear those famous words, "that's not covered."

Here's what you need to know:

-Damage from rising water is covered by a flood insurance policy, not a standard insurance plan.

-A flood policy is issued by National Flood Insurance Program and can be purchased through your agent; it takes 30 days to be effective.

-If there's tree damage, a standard homeowners policies will cover damage to a house from a fallen tree, and tree damage to garages, sheds, fences and outdoor pools.

-Now it gets trickier when a tree in your yard falls onto a neighbor's property. Generally, the neighbor's homeowners policy should cover those damages.

-Storm damage can also mean damage to your vehicle. If there's water in your car, you need to have a comprehensive auto policy to pay for repair.

-If you've only got liability coverage, flood damage to a car will not be covered.

Bottom line: Now is the time for an insurance checkup so you can know what's covered and what's not covered.


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