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Painter says he's not to blame for ugly paint job

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When Pat Reeves hired a painter to give the interior of her home a new look, what she wanted was peace of mind, what she has is a bad paint job and a headache.

"At the time I was please with the job," said Reeves,"it did not start coming up until a couple weeks afterwards."

Her home was painted last Summer by Elmer Raisch. He did the painting but Reeves supplied the paint. He has since repainted her bedroom, but there are still problems.

"He got mad because I wouldn't pay him again," said Reeves. "I was not going to pay for the paint I felt it was his responsibility."

Reeves continues to discover imperfections, some areas are smooth and others have texture. At the root of the problem, the painter applied a latex paint to an oil based painted wall.

"I didn't know at the time you couldn't put a regular type of paint over an oil based paint," she said,"again I feel like he was the painter he should have tested the walls."

Consequently, if you rubbed the wall the new paint is peeling off; that's just part of the problem. Reeves doesn't have a written contract, and therefore no stated warranty.

"I would like him to come in and redo the house," she said, which would mean Raisch sanding, priming and repainting the walls. Reeves said while she did purchase the paint, but she paid Elmer Raisch $1,000 plus for his expertise and he failed her.

"If you are going to do something for someone and they're going to pay you, then they should be responsible for the work," she said.

Elmer Raisch has a different point of view.

"It is not my fault, I can't take the blame for this," said Raisch," I gave her an excellent deal. It is her mistake not mine and I'm not paying for her mistake."

Raisch said if he knew the old paint was oil based he never would have taken the job.

Even so he said if Reeves will compromise with him,"we will get it done."

If that doesn't work, Reeves's other option is to take him to court.








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