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Keeping recalled items off your holiday shopping list

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports an estimated 69 percent of stores (thrift, consignment and resale) are selling at least one hazardous item. These are items that are on the government's recall list.

We went shopping in several stores to see if we could find any.

We found that most stores make an effort to filter the good from the recalled, but even the store operators know that is not foolproof.

"Consumers should be careful," said David Purcell.

Purcell is manager of the Northeast Florida Community Hospice thrift stores. He said a few years ago, they made a decision not to sell children's toys or cribs or car seats. 

"You have to determine if the items have been recalled," said Purcell, "and you have to determine if the items contain lead."

He said the volunteers who screen the items coming in to his stores can better use their time and skills with their main product line, furniture.

"The resources are limited and so we don't do children's toys and baby products," he said.

The owners of Ladybug Lane Consignment Boutique decided to focus on children's clothing, toys and furniture.

"When we get a product in like cribs, we check," said Maggie Stormant. "We know all the dropside cribs are recalled."

She said they also compare the items one by one with the recalls that have been published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If it is a recalled item, Stormant said they will not sell it. There's a good reason. Under the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, it is now a federal offense.

The CPSC has a Do Not Buy List. Among the items are:

-Bean bags with zippers that can open

-Cribs with slats more than 2/38 inches apart

-Playpens or play yards where the top rail does not properly lock in place

The CPSC warning to consumers is to check items carefully and to store owners to check as well so that the items they sell are not among those that have been recalled.


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