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80-year-old not flattered by Hooters' ID policy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hooters is well known for its chicken wings, and its ID policy. Anyone who asks for an alcoholic drink has to show ID or they will not be served.

Charles Johnson calls the policy specious. He said it lacks real merit.

"I couldn't find out why they would want to ID me," said Johnson.

Johnson was born 1932. Recently, he was at the Baymeadows Hooters for lunch and said when he ordered a mixed drink the server asked him to show proof of age. He was not flattered.

"I haven't been asked for ID since I was 35 years old," said Johnson, "I am eighty years old."

Johnson said when he called for a manager, the manger was told him that is the policy.

"She said 'I can't serve you alcohol, everyone has to be ID,'" said Johnson.

Attorney David Robbins specializes in DUI laws. Robbins said Florida the law does not require proof of ID.

"There's no requirement at all that you show ID for purchasing alcohol," said Robbins, "Obviously, the business person wants to ensure that you're 21 years or older but there's absolutely no requirement.

He said this business is going overboard. 

"Quite frankly, I think they're being ridiculous," said Robbins, "The law actually says it would be a complete defense to anything if a person appears to be a prudent person over the age of 21."

Johnson said he was insulted by the restaurant's demand to show ID that he decided to leave. And because of what he calls a policy that doesn't not consider 'common sense,' Johnson said he will never go to a Hooters again.

The manager of the Baymeadows location directed all calls for comment to Hooters of America. So far, no response.


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