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More flight delays and cancellations at JIA

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Yet another round of flight delays and cancellations at JIA and although flight changes can be stressful for any traveler it's even more difficult for the ones heading up north to help with relief efforts.

"No, it's not going to help, not by any means, no way," says Norman McDuffie with FEMA.

FLIGHT TRACKER: JIA arrival & departure times

Norman McDuffie works with FEMA and is on his way to New York to help with relief efforts. He isn't facing any delays into New York's La Guardia airport, but his fears are: one, he doesn't know what to expect of Sandy's aftermath and two, what another Nor'easter could mean for disaster relief.

"Well if it creates more flooding and stuff like that, basically they have roads under water and they're still trying to clear them out. It's just going to add to the relief effort to get those roads recovered," says McDuffie.

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McDuffie was notified less than 24 hours ago that he is needed in New York.

"We've got thousands of people up there already and they are still bringing them in," says McDuffie.

Mobilizing volunteers may be a bit of a problem after airlines across the country started cancelling and delaying flights between Wednesday and Thursday due to the Nor'easter on the way. United has cancelled about  500 flights and Delta has cancelled about 150. At JIA, travelers started seeing delays as early as Wednesday morning.

"Frustrating yea, with travel, with air travel, now it just comes as part of the course, but just understanding that you may have delays, getting to the airport a little earlier, understanding just setting some time up with where you're arriving, where your meetings are, just need to know that you could have a delay and set up contingency," says Colman Brodsky, who faced a 30-minute delay to Baltimore Wednesday morning.

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