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Harbor View Boat Ramp Improvements Delayed, Why?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Harbor View Boat Ramp Park has been under construction since last summer, but residents say it is no closer to being done than it was six months ago.

"We were under the impression the contract would only last 120 days," said Ken Mumford. 

Mumford, acting as a spokesperson for a group of residents, said they have watched the construction delays with a great deal of frustration. 

"We've heard that it was going to be December, January, February," he said.

The park improvements are part of the Better Jacksonville Plan, a billion dollar project. Residents say they have been calling City Hall to find out why it is taking so long for them to be able to use the park and can't get an answer.

This $244,000 project includes a new restroom building and site improvements, like new curbing and landscape.

"We have had no explanation at all," said Mumford. "We thought maybe weather conditions, at one time we could see that might have been a problem. But there have been weeks and weeks that nothing has been done out here."

We called District Councilman Reginald Brown for answers. His office said he would call after a doctor's appointment, and we're still waiting to hear back.

Residents say this boat ramp park has the potential to be a gem in their community, but until it is finished, it remains a sore spot.

"We're just a small portions of the ones that feel that way," said Mumford.

City spokesperson Debbie Delgado said the work is being delayed for two reasons.

1- In December, the subcontractor had scheduling issues due to weather

2-It was determined that the asphalt and limerock base did not meet city standards.

The contractor, Dajis Construction, confirmed that there's a problem with the limerock. Michael Jones said once the paving is complete, his company will finish the landscaping and the park will be ready.

Delgado said work on the limerock will be done April 23 or 24 with the paving done on April 25.


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