Jacksonville Man Charged With Murder In Stabbing Death | News

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Jacksonville Man Charged With Murder In Stabbing Death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man has been charged with murder after he claimed that he stabbed a man in self-defense.

John Sweardingden, 46, was arrested on Thursday and charged with aggravated battery after he stabbed Richard Haddon, 37, also of Jacksonville, in the head. On Friday evening, Haddon died at Shands hospital as a result of his injuries, and the charges against Swearingden were upgraded to murder.

Swearingden, Haddon, and two eyewitnesses were hanging  out near the beach area at Sister's Creek Boat Ramp early Thursday morning. Swearingden told police that he stabbed Haddon in self-defense after Haddon kicked him, but a police report says Swearingden did not have any marks consistent with that claim.

The eyewitnesses said that Swearingden was aggressive and chased Haddon, who jumped on top of Swearingden's car and  begged him not to hurt him.

After stabbing Haddon, Swearingden fled the scene and went to the Gate Food Store at 4100 Heckscher Drive, where he called police and told them he stabbed someone because he was being attacked. Both the victim and the defendant had been using alcohol, according to the report.


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