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Consumers Complain About LBS 103rd Street Tax Service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This tax season we have received a lot of complaints about one tax service, LBS 103rd Street tax service.

The West Jacksonville office promises big refunds, according to the signs in its window, and same day refunds.

Many of its customers are complaining about the longer than expected wait for their refund and the fees.

"I called the IRS and they said my paperwork is being processed and they (LBS) said it was approved," said a customer who refused to be identified.

Another anonymous customer complained about the fees.

"$879, they said $75 was their preparation fee and it was a $100 for this and $100 for that," he said.

Sonya Horning said she used to work for the tax service but quit.

"I was getting sick of the customers complaining because they weren't getting their money," said Horning.

One day it was so confrontational police were called. The office  now has its own security guard.


On Thursday the office was closed and customers were afraid that all was lost.

Jerry Hernandez, assistant to the manager, said the office was closed temporarily.

"We were never closed, yesterday we were closed for personal reasons," he said.

As for the fees he said yes, it varies.

"The more forms you use the more you will be charged," said Hernandez.

Hernandez said they tell customers to expect their refunds in seven to ten days, but when the check is cut depends on the IRS.

"It might not come that day that we tell you, but you will receive your check," said Hernandez.

Tom Stephens, President of the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau said LBS 103rd Street tax service is not a member and as of now there is no complaint history. 

IRS spokesperson Mike Dobzinski said legally he could not confirm nor deny if the IRS was investigating complaints about LBS 103rd Street tax service. 

Dobzinski said the IRS understands the frustrations of local taxpayers who are uncertain about the status of their tax refund.

Taxpayers who wish to determine the status of their federal tax refund should call 800-829-1954.

He said they can also file a complaint about the tax service.


















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