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Oceanway residents claim squatters are in elderly woman's home

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Oceanway residents have turned to social media to express outrage about the people living at 3305 New Berlin Road. Public records show the house belongs to Beverly Frazier, but the people living there are not related.


"They're squatters in my mother's house," said Naomi Rosier.

Darren Hilliard and Debra Estep are living in the house on New Berlin. They said they have permission to be there

"We are not squatters," said Estep. "The police have been called several times and the police have read the lease."

Estep didn't have the lease but said on October 31 she was served with an eviction notice and they have responded to it.

"I just asked if I could get through the holidays," she said. "I haven't heard anything from the courts."

The eviction summons stated 'there is no rental agreement; moved without my acknowledgement.'

But the community is also concerned about a convicted sexual offender is living there as well.

"Yes I did let a gentleman move in," said Estep, "but I did not know he was a sex offender until his probation officer called me.

Estep is angry about the social media campaign and how she is being treated.

"Where I come from that is slander," she said.

They claim they've asked the sex offender to move out

"He's got to go," said Hilliard, "I'm not having that, I'm sorry."

The couple said they are going to move out as soon as they can.

"We don't want to stay," said Estep. "I'm not gonna want to stay where I'm not wanted, but I'm not a squatter."

Rosier said she was confronted by Estep and had to call the police. She said JEA is also investigating to see if there's a legitimate electric account for 3305 New Berlin Road.

She said as soon as her mother's health improves they will complete the eviction process.


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