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How to find good deals on children's clothes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As summer winds to a close and the holidays approach, you may be thinking ahead about clothes for your children. There are still deals to be had and if you know how to shop, you can find them.

Here's how to save cash: First Coast News set out with $150 total to spend, with $50 in each of three stores.


Our first stop is the Goodwill store on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville. We enlist the help of the store's manager and clerks, Ms. Maricel and Ms. Tina and others. While in the store, we find a few outfits

At Goodwill, children's jeans are $3.50, shirts $2 and pants $2.50. Children's shorts are $2.00.

We were looking for clothes for 3 boys. They are Charles age 9, Camron, age 7 and Corey, age 5. They are Crystal Bonecutter's children. What we were doing for them is a complete surprise. More on that later.

"I'm not able to get them clothes, shoes, socks," Bonecutter said, speaking about her family's hardships. "They get food because of food stamps."

They are not able to make ends meet. Corey lives with cerebral palsy and his mother, Crystal, is 8 weeks shy of becoming a medical assistant. She said she stopped to care for Corey. Bonecutter said raising her children is so tough.

"They've got holes in their clothes," she said. "Most of their clothes have holes in them."

Back at Goodwill, FCN bought 9 shirts for $18, three pairs of jeans for $10.50, three pairs of shorts for $6 and three pairs of pants for $7.50. The grand total came to $44.94, including tax.

For our next stop, we went to TJ Maxx on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville. This time, we were looking at clearance items and other deals.

At the store, with the help of associates, we found three ensembles. One for $10, another for $18 and a third for $20.

Our grand total at TJ Maxx was $45.73

Our last stop was Target on Monument Road in Jacksonville.

With the help of Angel Rolader, from Human Resources, FCN found clearance deals. We found three pairs of shorts for a little over $9 each and three T-shirts between $4 and $7 each.

At Target, the grand total was $46.42. Of $150 we had available to spend, we had $9.66 left over.

"That would make a big difference," Bonecutter said of having new clothing for her children.

FCN wanted to make a big difference for the Bonecutters, so, we gave all of the clothes to Crystal and the children!

"Oh my goodness! That's a lot of clothes!" Crystal said as she walked from a room to the living room, revealing all of the clothes given to her and her children. "I'm blessed right now because they've got clothes."

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