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Mother of slain Metro PCS worker fights for safety in workplace

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What happened at the Main Street Metro PCS on July 20, 2013 has changed Darlene Farah's life forever.

"I go to the bathroom and lock myself in the bathroom and cry or either I go outside and cry," said Farah.

Farah's daughter, Shelby, was working in the retail shop when one of the suspects captured on security camera video, robbed the store then shot and killed her.

"For $103, my daughter lost her life. No cell phones were taken," said Farah, "$103 in ten seconds."

Farah, 46, said the brutal murder of her child has been overwhelming. 

"My kids don't want to go back to the house," she said, "Shelby will always be in our hearts, but I have two other kids to focus on."

She said children are also concerned about her safety.

"Yes I have had some threats," she said.

The stress of the situation has also made it difficult for her to work her retail job.

"I can't go back to work right now," she said, "We are just trying to make ends meet." 

A small memorial near the Main Street Metro PCS store has been removed and dumped in a nearby dumpster. Farah said it has added to her grief.

And it has fueled her fight for justice. Xavier Rhodes, 21, has been charged with the killing, he is scheduled in court September 23.

Farah said she is putting most of her energy into fighting for better protection in the workplace for employees.

"We need a Shelby Farah's Act," she said.

Armed with a stack of police reports that revealed her daughter's place of employment is in a high crime area, Farah said her daughter's employer did not take steps to beef up security in the workplace.

"There were not panic buttons, no silent alarms," she said.

She believes employers have to go beyond to protect employees, especially in high crime areas.

"I don't care if you're there two hours a day, or eight hours a day," she said, "it should be safe especially when you have a large amount of money coming into the business."

A lawsuit against the business could happen this month, according to Farah's attorney.

Unable to work, a special savings account has now been opened for the family of Shelby Farah with Vystar Credit Union. All donations will assist the family with basic living expenses.


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