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Dead city tree left to block homeowner's driveway

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In the Dinsmore community, it is natural to find a canopy of trees on every street.

"You see what I'm saying. They just threw stuff everywhere," said Sonya Crawford.

Crawford said in late August, a tree contractor cut big branches from a nearby oak because the limbs were leaning on the primary power lines.

In fact, Crawford's family notified the JEA of the potential danger, but when she came home, what she saw left her very upset.

"I was livid," said Crawford, "This is really unacceptable."

The JEA tree contractor hired to remove the limbs from the power line left the debris in her driveway. She has not been able to use it.

"There's nowhere to park," said Crawford, "All week. This  unacceptable isn't it?"

Crawford said her calls to (904) 630-CITY and JEA have ended with finger pointing as to who is responsible.

"They just scattered it all over the yard," she said.

Frustrated, she contacted the On Your Side team to show how her tax dollars were working against her and we called the JEA.

Crawford said regardless of who is responsible for blocking her driveway, it is very wrong.

"I want them to clean this mess up and where the grass is dead to replace it," said Crawford," I just want them to clean this mess up."

The JEA said it is the city's responsibility.

"The tree limb had to be cut in small pieces to be removed from the tree. The limb was 10" diameter and 40 feet long," said JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce, "We did it to protect the owner's yard."

Boyce said their forester explained everything to the son in person at the house on Thursday. In addition, the forester turned in the ticket to the city for debris pick up. The copy of the issue number was given to the son.

"JEA's responsibility in a restoration is to remove limbs/trees from the lines," said Boyce.

We are waiting to hear when the city will remove the debris.


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