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Basketball prize giveaway leaves winner disappointed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At many sporting events, there are advertisers and fans who participate in various contests, fans like Kassandra DeBoyd.

"It was a family night," she said, "family fun for us."

During the Jacksonville Giants championship game, DeBoyd entered a contest for the free use of an inflatable bounce house valued at $300.

"I've never won anything," said DeBoyd, "Two weeks later, we received a phone call ... saying we had won the package."

It was unexpected

"Even my daughter said 'is this a joke?'" DeBoyd said.

It wasn't and they began making plans.

"I knew where it was going to go and what we were going to do with our prize," she said. 

De Boyd planned a party for her daughter and her friends. She felt that was the best use of the prize, but it didn't happen.

"I called the whole thing off completely because of it," she said.

It turned out that collecting her prize was not as easy as it seems. DeBoyd said she tried to redeem the certificate and it was rejected.

"He said 'I'm not doing it' and he walked away from me," she said.

DeBoyd said she was stunned, speechless and disappointed.

"I was mad. I'll just say that I was mad," said DeBoyd.

Pastor Nick Phoenix of Go Inflatables refused to accept the certificate. He told De Boyd he didn't get the advertising he was promised.

A spokesperson for the Giants said the opposite.

"He did receive the advertising, in fact he got more than he should have received," said the spokesperson.

DeBoyd said if there's a problem between Phoenix and the Giants, she is not part of it.

"I believe he should bring it to my house set it up and let my child and her friends enjoy it," said DeBoyd, "then come back and get it wrap it up and take it."

Phoenix said he honors these certificates all the time, but in this case, he did not feel obligated.

Phoenix said at the time he offered to do it for half the value of the certificate, $150, but DeBoyd declined.

But now he is willing to resolve this. 

"I'm sorry this happened, I am not in the business of false advertising," said Phoenix, "I will donate to her a bounce house for the weekend, she needs to call me."

First for you:

-Before you enter a contest, read the terms and conditions
-Keep in mind if you have to pay to receive your free "prize," it's not a prize at all.


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