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First for You: Fix my leaky roof!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sylvia McQuay has been watching the weather forecast with a lot of anxiety.

"I'm afraid with all this rain coming up all this week," she said. 

McQuay is afraid of the damage the rains may cause to her Sherwood Forest home.

There are large containers in her dining room and her family room, she said since March the roof has had a leak around the ducts/vents.

"I think it is a very big problem," she said.

In 1992 Sears installed a new air conditioning system in her Sherwood Forest home and the exposed duct system, but after 21 years the ducts started leaking.

In March 2013 McQuay hired D& K duct systems to replace the leaky ducts, the company made her a promise, verbally and in writing.

"He said I would have no more problem with my leaks," said McQuay," he would replace it with all new parts."

D&K duct system is owned by Larry Dwain Phillips,Jr. She paid him $1200, but McQuay said the leaks never stopped they only got worse.

"Every time we have a heavy rain," she said," I have to keep the buckets down."

D&K gave her a five year warranty on material and workmanship. She said he has been back once to address the problem.

"He was only here about ten minutes," she said.

McQuay, 62, said the problem has been very stressful. 

She has filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

McQuay wants the leaks repaired or a partial refund.

"I would like for him to give me half of my money back," she said." I understand he had to pay money for the materials but he doesn't even respond."

D&K duct systems owner is Larry Dwain Phillips,Jr. 

Phillips said he is convinced the leaks are not related to the work he performed, he said they're related to a bad roof.

Phillips said he does not have the money to give McQuay a partial refund, but this week he will revisit the job and reseal the system.

He wants McQuay to give him a chance to fix the problem.

Installing duct work by itself does not require a professional license, but you should always check at least five reference on a company sign a contract, McQuay did not.


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