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Flu Update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Influenza (the flu) is a dangerous disease that takes the lives of thousands of people in the United States every year—and causes more than 200,000 people to be hospitalized. Anyone can get sick from the flu and spread the virus to others. Increases in flu activity are expected soon as the flu season gets underway.

CDC and other health experts recommend flu vaccination for everyone 6 months of age and older. This year CDC is continuing its campaign to educate the public of the severity of influenza and to remind them that vaccination is the best way for individuals and families to protect themselves against this serious disease – and that it is not too late to be vaccinated!

The timing of influenza outbreaks is unpredictable and outbreaks can occur as late as May, making now a good time to get vaccinated. While flu can make anyone sick and cause hospitalization or even death, certain people are at greater risk for serious complications from the flu, such as:

• older people,

• young children,

• people with chronic lung disease (such as asthma and COPD), diabetes (type 1 and 2), heart disease, neurologic conditions, and certain other long-term health conditions; 

• pregnant women

As part of our outreach effort, the CDC has developed public service announcements to alert the nation that it is not too late to get the flu vaccine. We hope you will support our efforts in spreading the word about this serious disease by frequently airing the enclosed PSAs now through March 2012(or even through May 2012if influenza is still circulating in your community). The PSA, in English, is “Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family.”




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