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Reduce P.E. While childhood Obesity Rising ?
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The American Heart Association strongly opposes House Bill 4057, by State Representative Larry Metz, removing the requirement for Middle School Physical Education. 

Currently 30% of Florida’s youth are overweight or obese.  As these students get older, their obesity problem just gets worse.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that overweight and obesity costs Americans approximately $147 billion dollars in extra health care costs annually1.  Florida’s combined overweight and obese rate is 62.6% according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “F” as in Fat2 report.

“This bill is dangerous to our children and dangerous to the physical and financial health of all Floridians,”  says  Janet Connors, R.N., Diabetes Coordinator and Chair of the Florida State Advocacy Committee, American Heart Association.

The “Too Fat to Fight3,”   report from the Mission Readiness organization of  retired military leaders states  between 40 to 49% of Florida’s 18-24 year olds would be too overweight to join the military. In fact, the report goes so far as to call the obesity epidemic an issue of national security.

The American Heart Association urges the Florida legislature to consider the long-range effects of approving House Bill 4057 on Tuesday, December 6. 2011.   

Florida residents are urged to contact their local House K-20 Innovation Subcommittee member and tell them to vote no on House Bill 4057. Go to for more information.  For more information about Florida House Bill 4057 click on the link to the right.
The American Heart Association will have staff at the Florida House Education Innovation Committee meeting to actively oppose the bill. 

For further information contact David Francis at (850) 567-0598 or James Mosteller at (850) 727-3712.




Families, Health

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