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Jacksonville Zoo Goes Green!

The Jacksonville Zoo was recently awarded CleanZone Certification Level 2 from JanPak, the leading supplier of innovative and sustainable cleaning and packaging solutions. The Zoo’s two restaurants, The Trout River Grille and the Palm Plaza Cafe' have converted their disposable food service and packaging to include Compostable and biodegradable portion cups made from a plant-based resin (reducing plastic), cutlery made from 60% corn starch (40% less plastic), and Harvest Fibre meal service plates and containers made from sugar cane starch which eliminates plastic and is biodegradable.


The CleanZone Certification Award is a unique certification program designed by Janpak to create a healthier workplace environment and to reduce the overall amount of products (towel, tissue, chemicals, etc.) used. There are certain requirements an organization must meet in order to become CleanZone certified. Level 1: Sustainable Products and Services, Level 2: Sustainable Systems and Programs. The Trout River Grille and the Palm Plaza Cafe have met the requirements for CleanZone Certification Levels 1 and 2.


“We want to congratulate the Zoo, Trout River Grille and Palm Plaza Cafe' for achieving the CleanZone Certification Award. Achieving these awards shows a tremendous commitment that the Zoo and all of the staff have made to be green and eco-friendly in the products and systems they are using, says Bucky Flye, Senior Account Manager,  JanPak.


In addition to food packaging, the restaurants have implemented a “green” cleaning program, which includes products and procedures that reduce harmful environmental effect. The use of a controlled roll towel system and foam hand soap in the restrooms reduce the overall amount of products consumed and reduce waste. Microfiber mop technology allows for healthier cleaning while using less chemicals and water and the implementation of a dilution control program for cleaning chemicals guarantee the proper amount of chemicals are used and consume less water. Several products are “Green Seal” certified.


“As a public educational venue, the Jacksonville Zoo is committed to doing our part to protect our environment”, says Cathy Luce, Manager of Restaurants.  “When you think about it, our business is protecting the habitats of the animals we exhibit for education and the pleasure of our guests; doing the same in our operations makes good sense.”


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