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Ant-Filled Yards Pose a Danger
Ant-Filled Yards Pose a Danger

With summer here and Jacksonville’s current dry spell, fire and pavement ants become a nuisance to gardeners, and even a danger to humans.

It doesn’t take long for ants to take over your lawn and claim residency in a home or business. Experts recommend treating fire and pavement ants as soon as they are spotted.

Fire ants have a potent sting which has resulted in medical, agricultural and environmental economic impacts. This results in billions of dollars each year in costs, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Pavement ants are small and enter buildings through cracks. They feed on sweet foods found in homes which include sugar, fruits, and syrups.

Colonies for both species can range between 10,000 and 20,000 ants.

“We’re receiving close to 20 calls a week from residents who are finding colonies of ants in their homes and yards,” said Doyle Mullins, Truly Nolen’s Jacksonville Branch Manager. “Homeowners are concerned for the children’s safety and for the produce they are growing.”

June – August

  • Inspect the yard and remove any piles of debris.
  • Try to limit spraying to where ants are visible.
  • Call a pest control expert if an ant infestation occurs

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